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April 2021

Te Papa Foundation's work in the Toi Art gallery helps support access to contemporary art for thousands

Over the last three years, Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart have been working with the Te Papa Foundation on a project to improve accessibility at the Museum.

Through their extraordinary support, the Toi Art bridge and Indra's Bow balustrades have now been replaced with clear glass ensuring improved accessibility for all visitors to Te Papa. The bridge upgrade is displayed to great effect as a centrepiece of The Web of Time installation that opened in Toi Art over the weekend.

Charlotte Lockhart said, “Art is an important part of our culture, and accessibility to art is equally as important. We felt it was important to support the gallery to change frosted glass to clear, to ensure art can be enjoyed by all.”

Te Papa acknowledged their outstanding contribution as part of the Chiharu Shiota installation opening on 11 December.


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