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April 2022

Te Papa Foundation supporting exhibitions

A strategic focus of the Foundation is to support the various pillars within Te Papa – Art, Science/Nature, Education/Learning, Culture and Museum – and last year we were delighted to be in a position to partner with some of Te Papa’s key blockbuster exhibitions. 

From December 2020 to November 2021 Te Papa exhibited Chiharu Shiota’s installation artwork, Web of Time, curated by Nina Tonga, Te Papa’s Curator of Contemporary Art.  Web of Time consisted of countless intertwined strands connecting numbers across time and space, scattered like stars in the night sky.  A truly transfixing exhibit that faced its challenges as New Zealand was thrust into lockdown and saw a number of staff rolling hundreds of balls of wall ready for instal. 

Te Papa’s bringing of the Surrealists to Aotearoa in the winter months of 2021, a world-class collection from the Netherlands was an impressive feat that took many hours of dedication from the Te Papa team to bring to life. The Surrealists exhibition was curated by Lizzie Bisley, Te Papa’s Curator of Modern Art, and included 180 surrealist works spanning the 1910s to 1960s - from paintings and photographs to books, sculpture, and film.  

Truly one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed artists, the exhibition currently on display at Toi Art (until 25 April 2022) is Rita Angus New Zealand Modernist, also curated by Lizzie Bisley. Developed in partnership by the Royal Academy of Arts, London and Te Papa, and supported by the Foundation, the Rita Angus exhibition is an expansive insight into the life and contemplations of Rita Angus, shown through her remarkable body of drawings, watercolours, and paintings. A committed feminist, and a pacifist, Angus’ work was deeply entwined with her view of the world, and she created a distinctly unique image of 20th-century Aotearoa.   

Thank you to our donors for your commitment in supporting Te Papa and Toi Art, and we thank you for joining us to celebrate these successes. 

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