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April 2022

Join us for our Spring Fling: Couture of the Absurd reinvented

Te Papa Foundation are excited to announce Spring Fling of the Curious and the Absurd, its major fundraising event of 2022, set for Saturday, September 10. 

As many will now be aware, due to the unpredictability of COVID-19 over the past two years, the Foundation inaugural fundraising gala, Couture of the Absurd, had to be cancelled in the proposed seated format. This follows four postponements over the past 10 months, and continued uncertainty that we would not be able to deliver the incredible experience we so wished. For those who had purchased and pledged tickets, we thank you for supporting us and hope you will join us at our reinvented fundraising gala. 

Adapting to the unpredictability of the times, Spring Fling of the Curious and the Absurd is a fundraiser auction evening of simultaneous intimate cocktail parties across the country and connecting as one through facilitated live streaming. Currently in the planning stages, hosts will be supported in the preparation of their party ahead of the evening. We welcome all expressions of interest from our Foundation community from anyone who would like to support us by hosting a cocktail party.  


To learn more about hosting a Spring Fling cocktail party, please contact Danielle at or by mobile 021 401 907. 


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