Grant Partridge

August 2021

Patridge Jewellers - Six generations of sparkling contributions

An online search of Partridge Jewellers brings up a distinctive theme, of championing New Zealand companies. As well as the jewellery focused results, Partridge features on the portfolios of several innovative homegrown brands, from shop fit outs to PR, this is clearly a company who invest in Aotearoa. Luckily for us, this ethos now extends to the national museum, with Partridge coming on board as the main partner for Te Papa Foundation’s inaugural fundraising gala ‘Couture of the Absurd’. Here we talk to Managing Director, Grant Partridge, about just how relevant the partnership is.

“Relationships have been a cornerstone of the Partridge business since its inception.  In recent years the securing of International watch and jewellery brands and expansion into Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown with such brands as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Argyle Pink diamonds and DeBeers have further enhanced the success of Partridge Jewellers, to an International level.

The significance of these brands changed the perception of our business immediately, giving us our legacy as one of the country’s top watch and jewellery destination.  It is with great pride that we extend this spirit of partnership to the Te Papa Foundation. Being family operated since the 1800’s, with the sixth generation now working in the business, we understand the importance of legacy. In supporting the Foundation we are contributing to the acquisition, preservation and sharing of the nation’s collections for future generations, extending our legacy beyond the family to the rest of the county.

Another mindset that we share with the Foundation however, is that the building of legacy shouldn’t overshadow the ingenuity and creativity inherent to New Zealand. My father ran a very successful business, but it wasn't the same business that he bought from his father and he remade Partridge Jewellers to be right for his time. Each new generation reinventing the business is how Partridge Jewellers has stayed alive through six generations since 1864.

With my sons Sam and Jack joining the business we can continue the legacy while honouring the new generation.  They have a different perspective from me, growing up in the business through the years, you become a businessman that loves jewellery.  The creative side of the business lives on, introducing new and modern ideas relevant to their generation.

The good news is, our partnership with the Foundation is to take place over the next three years, so we can look forward to building on this fantastic legacy for at least a few years to come.”

A selection of pieces from Partridge will be on display at Couture of the Absurd, where guests will also have the opportunity to bid on a stunning item donated by Grant and the team. More information on the item for auction will be available in upcoming newsletters, to explore more of the Partridge range for now visit


To find out more about the Gala or to book tickets please click here

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